i figured a snowman was slang for a drug dealer.

jess. 18. they/them.

[tattoos REMUS LUPIN DESERVED BETTER across my forehead]

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i really wanna write an au fic in which remus lives?? and explore the aftermath of the war on everyone, and let remus and harry /finally/ have a real relationship, and explore/fill in the harry/ginny relationship, and see remus as a dad, and look at the affect that the war had on all of the teenagers and how they struggle to move on, and the same for remus, because it’s so different this time

idk i just. reeeeally want to see that stuff explored. and there’s not a fic that exists so like. i could write it. i’m halfway decent at fic. and writing fic really relaxes me, it’s a thing i do to chill out and cool off, it’s a good mechanism for me right now. and i’d like to get out of the marauders era, there’s only so many times i can play through the same stuff before i’m doing the same thing over and over again.

i’m Thinking about it

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Catherina Türk on Etsy



This is, hands down, one of the most beautiful Amazons I’ve ever seen!


rain is a thing that happens


to a douchebag white boy with a heart of gold:

i’ve been around for a few of your birthdays ya know and Way Back i thought you were Too Cool to talk to; i do not remember exactly why i thought this, but i definitely did. i could tell you were damn smart (that’s still true) but somehow i contorted that into thinking you were like… A Lofty Intellectual, which is hilarious because you think farts are funny and you were intimidated by the grandpa in hufflepuff robes at leakycon.

it’s funny in a way but the not-funny part is that people do that to you a lot — make you into something besides Actual You in their minds. and that’s shitty.

because Actual Marygrace is goddamn awesome. you laugh really hard at farts and you unironically jam to wonderwall and you are bright and loud and hilarious and brave and you care so much. you are such a good friend and you have this rare quality in that you value friendship. you understand how important friendship is and you prioritize it and you make your friends feel loved and important in a way that not many people can do. what else could be expected from someone who is basically james potter?

you Get jesse pinkman and you Get emma swan and you Get holden caulfield; you Get so much because you have this amazing capacity for empathy, which is one of the highest compliments i can pay anyone.

this is getting long and gay but here’s the point:

i am very, very grateful that i know Actual Marygrace. i’m grateful that you’re always around, always supportive, always being unashamedly yourself, because if you haven’t noticed, i love you a lot.

and i wish you every good thing in the next year and beyond. i hope that you see guardians of the galaxy like eighty times, and i hope that the next season of once upon a time gives you all the joy in the world, and i hope that you find lots of cute dresses to wear. happy birthday mg. dftba.

[peace sign emoji]

i feel like this is something i shouldn’t be but

i am a sucker for a Big Gay Freakout

In the end, it’s not like they’ve picked out a china pattern or anything. They don’t hold hands and go for romantic walks in the woods. Sirius has yet to climb up on to Hogwarts’s roof and proclaim his love for Remus to the world.

But now there are whole days when he’d like to. [x]

im gonna die


As soon as I read Chapter 10 of Text Talk by mssrsmoony yesterday, I just knew there was going to be so many scenes I wanted to draw like Remus wearing that jacket!

I cannot decide for the life of me what I want Remus’s hair to look like. I bet every drawing I do will be different ahhh. I was going to have this as a comic but my other sketches didn’t turn out so great so.


sarah iangalager’s gigantic remus/sirius fic rec starter list

because there is a LOT of remus/sirius fic out there and some of it was probably written before some of you were born and it comes with all these acronyms and Dramatic Capital Letters and lots of people getting really worked up about rocks having urges or sirius watching dirty dancing. it’s easy to get lost. so here is a handy guide to the best fic in any possible era you could possibly want. 

marauders era 1971-1978, mostly illogical nicknames, prank planning, detention, map-making, lots of gay panic. 

  • start with THE SHOEBOX PROJECT. then recognize that it isn’t the perfect fic and is nowhere near what people make it out to be but hold the first chapter with the letters in your heart forever. and where the fuck do you go after that? that’s what this list is for. are you or are you not hip to my jive?
  • okay now that you have sbp out of your system, start here: The Shortest Distance Between Two People

GET TOGETHER and every possible permutation of it



first war 1978-1981 everything is GREAT and then everything is TERRIBLE and everything is GREAT AND TERRIBLE AT THE SAME TIME. 

POST HOGWARTS (happy/get together fic, there is no canon evidence that remus and sirius ever live in a flat together, leave it be)

FIRST WAR (when things start getting bad and everything starts falling apart and you generally want to die)


lost years 1981-1993 that 12 year gap after james and lily’s death and before the prisoner of azkaban where everything and everyone is miserable and nothing is happy and all you do is listen to ‘get lonely’ by the mountain goats and cry into your pillow. 

poa 1993-1994

lie low at lupin’s/ootp: summer 1994 ”Lie low at Lupin’s for a while, I will contact you there.” (Dumbledore, the Goblet of Fire pg. 713) the only thing in this entire book series that you should ever thank that manipulative bastard for. the period of time in between ‘gof’ and ‘ootp’ where sirius goes to stay with remus and there are a lot of awkward pauses, meaningful silences, and fucking. 

LIE LOW AT LUPIN’S (cue hallelujah chorus, in fact you should just loop the hallelujah chorus or maybe ‘i will always love you’ as you read these fics)


post ootp nothing really to say here. just cry. 

and one really long series: The Rising Storm

alternate endings

okay so you’ve gotten to the end and it fucking sucks, everyone is dead and worse than that everyone is presumed straight and some of them have children and harry has named his kid after snape and ITS ALL TERRIBLE. luckily there are an enormous pile of fics that ask pointed questions like what would have happened if nobody had died? what wife? what baby? why are you telling me that remus and sirius don’t live in a little house together and invite harry over for dinner once a week and have a lot of old man sex until they die? i don’t know what you mean. 

bring black back jk rowling: you do know that people can’t come back from the dead in the harry potter universe, right? I wrote that in there, you know that, right? me: IM SORRY WHAT I CANT HEAR YOU

au’s the part you’ve probably been waiting for this entire damn time. 

ta, hepcat?

i’m going to hurt peyton SO BADLY

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i wonder when sirius started falling in love with remus and i wonder when james noticed and i wonder when peter noticed

i feel like james noticed before like. anyone.

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